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Buying a Second Hand Rifle: 3 Things to Check

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Purchasing a used rifle is a great way to start your firearms collection. However, if you have never purchased a used firearm before, it is important that you learn how to assess the condition of a weapon before you make a purchase. A weapon which is in bad condition won't only shoot poorly it could also place your life at risk. Before it a guide of 3 things you should check out when examining a second-hand firearm.

Check that the muzzle is in good condition

The muzzle is located at the end of the barrel. With use, the muzzle can sometimes become chipped or damaged. When this occurs, it can cause the rifle to shoot off target, even when the sights have been properly zeroed. The rifle will not shoot straight because as the bullet leaves the damaged muzzle, its path will be disturbed.

Carry out an examination of the rifling

Rifling refers to the curved links which are present inside the barrel of a rifle. These curved grooves ensure that the bullet is spinning at a high speed as it exits the barrel. The centrifugal forces created by the spinning bullet ensure that it remains stable as it passes through the air towards the target. If the rifling becomes corroded or damaged, it can cause the bullet to tumble as it travels through the air which will mean you are unlikely to hit your target. To check the rifling, simply open up the breach of the rifle and hold the barrel up to the sky. You should now be able to look down the length of the barrel to examine the rifling.

Make sure the stock has not split

The stock is the part of the rifle which sits in your shoulder when you are in a firing position. If a rifle is not properly stored in a rifle rack, it likely to be stood up on their stock. Standing a rifle up on its stock can lead to damage. For this reason, you should always examine the stock of a second-hand rifle before committing to a purchase. You need to look out for any splits or cracks in the base and side of the stock. If you notice any damage to the stock, you should ask the seller how it occurred and you should think twice before committing to the purchase. While it is possible to have the stock of a rifle replaced, it the rifle is of low value, the replacement stock may cost more than the second-hand firearm.