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Types of Tennis Courts

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Tennis courts have become increasingly popular since more and more people have taken up this sport. However in order to truly enjoy the game, one should always play in a proper tennis court. Companies specialising in tennis court construction offer a range of court surfaces to tailor to their client's requirements. Clients may need a tennis court for sporting activities or for simply for leisure and recreation purposes. The most common tennis courts include:

  • Bitumen-based 
  • Synthetic grass 
  • Concrete 

The type of surface depends on what type of tennis the court will be used for professional or recreational. This is because the bounce of the tennis ball varies on different tennis courts.

Hard Courts

Professional tennis for sporting purposes is usually played on hard courts. These courts are constructed from concrete or asphalt and then coated with additional materials such as acrylic. These courts are created for players with big serves, allowing the tennis ball to bounce further. The surface coating is also designed to ensure that there is minimal energy absorption by the court surface. How much the tennis ball is able to bounce ultimately depends on the types of coating on the court and is categorised into either fast or slow bounce.

Hard courts are easier to maintain than other court surfaces as the surface doesn't wear out as fast and the surface can be easily re-coated. Other ways of maintaining these courts include brushing the court to get rid of debris, pressure cleaning the court to remove stubborn dirt and grim and chemical treatments to prevent any growth of plant material such as moss and algae. An additional coating may also be applied to prevent players from slipping on the court surface and also to enhance player performance. 

Grass Courts

Nowadays grass courts are fairly uncommon, however, these were the first courts where tennis was played on. Players do still play on grass courts, but these courts are reserved for prestigious tennis tournaments. This is because they are expensive to maintain as the grass needs to be immaculately maintained by mowing and trimming. In addition to this, the grass is affected by weather conditions such as drought, making it is even more difficult to maintain the condition of the court surface. 

There are many companies specialising in tennis court construction. These companies build tennis courts specifically to their client's requirements and ensure that all materials used on the court maximise player performance. For more information, speak with a professional who provides tennis court construction