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7 Reasons Fishers Should Buy a Kayak Instead of a Motorboat

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When people look for a fishing craft, they commonly look for a traditional motorboat. However, there's actually plenty to be said for picking up a kayak, especially if you're going to be travelling across lakes and rivers instead of the sea.

Here are just seven reasons fishers should pick a kayak over a motorboat:

1. Low Cost

A kayak is almost always going to cost a lot less than a motorboat; there are no mechanical components, and the craft itself is much smaller. You can also expect few ongoing costs since a kayak will need little maintenance and zero fuel. Instead of the heavy investment represented by a motorboat, you can save that money or put it towards other fishing equipment.  

2. Eco-Conscious

If you're going to be heading out on the water, you probably want to keep that water nice and clean. Any leaking fuel from a motorboat can cause problems, and the fumes and noise can disrupt the beauty of the great outdoors. Since kayaks do not need fuel, you're not going to need to worry about your environmental footprint.

3. Greater Control

Kayaks are slim vessels that can be controlled very precisely using a simple paddle. In contrast, a motorboat, though much faster, isn't as easy to manoeuvre at low speeds. This can be annoying when you simply need to slightly change your angle.

4. Stealthy Approaches

One of the biggest problems with motorboats is that they make a lot of noise and really disrupt the surrounding water. As such, fish are generally scared away when they approach, so you'll have to wait for them to return. Kayaks produce very little noise, and their streamlined shape means that they won't disrupt the water very much. You can get right up close to fish without causing them to flee.

5. Easy Access

Kayaks aren't just easier to manoeuvre than motorboats, they're also a lot easier to get into the water. In fact, you can push a kayak into the water pretty much anywhere thanks to their solid yet lightweight construction. With a motorboat, you're going to need to find a dedicated entry point.  

6. Low to the Water

When you sit in a kayak, you're sitting right on the waterline, and any experienced fisher is going to know how advantageous that can be. You can see far more easily getting right up close to the fish, and you'll be able to skip bait under lower areas.

7. Exercise

Finally, kayaks provide exercise while you fish. It can feel nice and refreshing to burn off a few calories getting to your fishing spot before finally being able to sit back and enjoy the day.