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5 Tips for Making Your Tennis Court as Safe as Possible

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A tennis court is a fabulous place for the whole family to enjoy exercise and competition, but accidents can happen. To ensure your tennis court is as safe as possible, you may want to check out these ideas. They should help the tennis players as well as others in your family to stay safe around your court.

1. Opt for a Clay Court

With tennis courts, there are three main surface options—grass, concrete and clay. If safety and comfort are your number-one concerns, you may want to opt for a clay court. The clay surface is springier underfoot than concrete, helping to protect your joints. Also, if you fall, clay offers a much softer landing than concrete.

Grass is soft and the best for falls, but it tends to hold water— wet grass can cause your foot to slip to the side as you are lunging for the ball, leading to muscle strains and injuries.

2. Light Up the Area

If your family tends to be night owls, you may end up playing tennis after sunset. For safety, make sure that you light up the area. Most tennis court installers can add flood lights above your court. That way if there's a stick or a rock in the middle of the court, you don't have to worry about not seeing it and tripping over it.

3. Remember Drainage

Regardless of which court surface you select, it's important to remember drainage. Pools of water can cause slips and falls. Your installer should add a gentle slope to the court so water runs off it.

3. Make Sure Nets Are Tight

If you have young children or toddlers who run around on your tennis court, you should check the condition of your net on a regular basis. If it is loose, tighten it. Loose netting could become a choking hazard to children who are pulling on the net.

4. Replace Lever-Action Tightening Systems

Many tennis nets have a tightening system attached to the side of the net. If you have a lever-action tightening system, it can pinch fingers, and you may want to replace it. Look for a system that has the winding mechanisms contained.

5. Repair as Needed

If something happens to the surface of your tennis court, don't ignore the issue. Instead, contact a professional at a company like Premier Sports & Leisure to repair the surface as soon as possible. That stops the issue from spreading. Potholes and large cracks can easily trip you up during a game.